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News Aggregators – Pulse

March 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Right now I’ve started exploring Pulse and based on my first impression may be the most visually appealing option available.  Pulse encourages users to use their service by providing users with “packages” of useful news sites which can then be displayed on “pages” (which can be organized under headings such as gaming or technology).  Pulse displays available news articles by displaying the headline picture (if available).  The full article is displayed within the app, so the you never have to visit the site to read the article.

Pulse in particular does not load up the entire article at once.  Pulse will provide a small snippet of the article for the user to read, and if you decide that you want to read the whole article you an load it within the app.  I assume that Pulse chose to do this in order to reduce the initial loading time for smartphones.

So far I’m really enjoying Pulse and I have yet to find a major flaw within the app.  I will continue to use Pulse in the future.  If you want to join click on the link!

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