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How to Post Using WordPress

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

WordPress has a fairly easy posting system however I would like to add several tips in order to get you started.

  1. Always remember to tag your posts.  Use the tag function to attach searchable “keywords” to your post to make navigation easier.  For example this post will be tagged under “Blogging”, “Tips”, and “Posting”.  Go ahead search for these tags!
  2. Attach a post to a category to make navigation even easier!  By attaching your post to a certain category a visitor can simply click on that category to view all of the relevant posts.
  3. You can add media (such as pictures to your posts). Pictures can give an often bland WordPress page some colour.
  4. Finally you can edit/delete any post that you put onto WordPress at any time.

Adding Links in WordPress

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Started out by adding a link to “Tumblr”.  Turns out adding links is a fairly easy process.  Using WordPress’ admin controls makes this kind of stuff simple.   Simply select the “Links” tab and it will bring you to a detailed control panel for adding links.   WordPress allows you to develop a visible “title” for your link, a description, and which category this link should go under.

When I created the “Tumblr” link I put the link under the “Blogging Services” tab in order to keep everything organized.

Make sure to enable the “_blank” option so that the link will open up in a new window, leaving your blog open in the browser.

Deleting links in WordPress is simple.  Go under the links tab an hover your cursor over the link you want to delete (remember this is still in admin view!) and select the delete option.  Simple!

Changing links follows a similar process, but instead of selecting delete choose edit and it will take you to the page you saw when creating your link.

Finally if you want your link visible you have to remember to enable the widget for links.  More on widgets in a later post.

Link Creation Page

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