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What is a Blogroll?

Blogroll’s were a huge area of confusion for me.  Blogrolls serve as a community development tool for bloggers.  Essentially a blogroll is used to provide links to other similar blogs (a car blog would link to other car blogs for instance).  There is also a form of blogging etiquette involved with blogrolls.  If a blogger puts your blog on his blogroll you are generally expected to reciprocate.  Blogrolls benefit both parties and help promote each other to a larger audience.  Essentially blogrolls serve as a reference tool, guiding readers to other good sources of information.  A Blogroll can refer to a list of links on a blog’s sidebar (different from the traditional meaning outlined earlier).  This new definition of the term blogroll means a blogger can use their blogroll to link to news sites or interesting articles instead only linking to other blogs.

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