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Posterous prides itself on being a blog targeted towards media sharing (whether it be picture, video, audio or word).  Posterous feels a lot more simplistic and refined than the more complicated WordPress.  All of Posterous’ blog modification options are streamlined and easy to figure out.

Posterous does not seem aimed a businesses (even though they themselves promote it towards businesses).  Posterous provides free hosting (which is good for individuals) however there is no easy way to independently host a blog created using Posterous.  Posterous acts as a traditional social media community in some sense.  Unlike WordPress where your blog creation screen is independent from the WordPress community, Posterous has a built-in dashboard which allows the user to directly seek out blogs that they like and interact with the general community.

Posterous uses the term “Spaces” to describe their blogs.  A Space is a location where a user can post various types of media.  Spaces can fall under four categories (Blog, Group, Media or Business).  The great thing about Posterous is that the user can easily control whether the space is public or private, and can easily create a list of users who have permission to see the blog (for example a family can create a blog to share photos between family members).  Posterous allows users to easily create multiple blogs for various purposes (Travel to Europe or Family photos) which will help users manage and control where their content is posted.

Posterous allows users to link their social media accounts and other blogs to their Posterous service.  By using Posterous users can post updates to Facebook or Twitter, and add posts to other blogs.

Unlike WordPress (who provides their own analytic tools for WordPress.com) Posterous allows users to embed Google Analytics into their blogs.

Click here to sign up for Posterous!

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