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PodCamp Toronto

Right before our eyes we are watching the transformation of an industry, marketers are embracing social and digital strategies and companies are shifting their attention from traditional “disruptive” channels to inviting or “inbound” channels. PodCamp Toronto is a 2 day unconference dedicated to the education and sharing of new media ideas:

“When someone signs up to attend PodCamp they become a participant. Because we’re an unconference, we ask our participants to provide the programming and sessions. To speak at PodCamp is to share knowledge, expertise and perspective while facilitating a discussion. Participants at PodCamp bring their curiosity and passion for new media. Participants at PodCamp exercise the Law of Two Feet. When a participant finds they are not learning or contributing to discussion, they must find a discussion where they can learn something by taking their “two feet” elsewhere.”  

About PodCamp Toronto

Whats beautiful about PodCamp and the unconference model is that it is designed around the idea of “inbound” marketing. For my classmates the HubSpot case will of familiarized you with the idea; For those of you non Seneca students “inbound” marketing a concept pioneered by HubSpot in 2006, that is now quickly becoming the industry norm. “Inbound” marketing directs a companies resources into the creation and curation of content, “inbound” marketing focuses on attracting clients and prospects to a content hub that is geared towards their specific needs and wants. Never has marketing been more efficient.

Back to PodCamp; the unconference has been designed in such a way that participants (guests) are not locked into a rigid schedule. Participants are free to come and go, engage here or leave there and really maximize the personal value that PodCamp can provide. Similar to the “inbound” model participants need to actively seek out their needs and wants and tune out the clutter.

PodCamp will be taking place February 25 and 26 at Ryerson university Downtown Toronto. I actively encourage all of my classmates and readers to consider this opportunity as an investment into your future and the future of our industry, besides registration is free. If you can’t make it down at least follow the action  @PodCampToronto or their hashtag #PCTO. Here are links to sessions offered and scheduling, hope to see you all there!

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