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Hot vs Not

WordPress is great, but in all fairness shes realanly not that pretty. Sure, sure she has all kinds of features and benefits not to mention the tangibles and intangibles. She is organized, efficient and downright uninspiring. Think of wordpress as the lab partner who helped you pass gr 11 Chem.

Jux on the other hand is curvy, bubbly and downright gorgeous. She can do some of the things your labpartner is good at but by no means is she brilliant. She will definitely make your friends jealous plus shes great to look at and fool around with. But is she your future? Think of Jux as the cheerleader in your english class.

In explaining the two platforms this way I’m hoping that everyone can begin to frame thinking in a similar manner. Like when selecting a partner it is not all flash and dash, you need substance and you need content. Which one does the job for you? When selecting a platform to host your new company or personal blog for that matter one must begin to think about the end user.

Although we have only highlighted 2 potential platforms above, when selecting your new platform you should be clicking around and getting a feel for the usability and capabilities of the service. Once you have a firm understanding of its capabilities and limitations ask yourself some questions to measure the effectiveness of each platform for you: What are the functions of our blog, how will users engage with our blog, why will users engage with our blog and where will our users engage with our blog? By doing this you can establish benchmark criteria and develop a system to measure your options and make an informed decision.

While this is a very basic exercise please do not confuse its simplicity with its effectiveness, simplicity should be the benchmark we all live our personal and professional lives against.

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