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Staying Relevant

The hardest part about creating content for your blog is keeping it relevant. Staying relevant provides two main benefits, the first, content that is relevant to your target is more likely to attract and engage them. Secondly relevant content maintains and improves your Google search rankings. Now how do we actually begin to create our content? Some strategies to consider:

1. Syndication– This is the simplest form of content creation, simply re-posting articles or opinions from other sources. With consent of course.


  • Syndicating content frees up time typically invested for content creation
  • Adds a certain level of credibility, especially if its target relevant


  • No originality
  • If the wrong sources are selected it can destroy your credibility and alienate your readers

2. Content Creation– Write your own! Follow RSS and industry news sources in order to stay in touch with what your target is looking for


  • Original
  • Content influenced by relevant news is more likely to be picked up by search engines
  • Exploit SEO and keyword search
  • Credible


  • Time consuming
  • Opinions can alienate people

3. Guest Posting– Allowing authors from other blogs to create content for your readers


  • Exposes your audience to different thinking
  • Cross promotion, exposure to new audiences
  • Guest can be highly relevant/respected among target audience


  • Opinions are not your own
  • Can you convince them?

While this is just a quick overview these 3 strategies allow you to maximize the value of your blog. However keep in mind the different effects each will have on your audience, what will they think, how will they react, can you leverage it going forward?



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