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WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Both of these services provide a blogging experience however they go about it in different ways.  WordPress.org is a free software suite which allows you to create a blog.  This program will be downloaded to your computer.  The main drawback to WordPress.org is that when you want to put your blog online you have to go look for a independent web hosting service (like BlueHost) who will then host your content for a fee.  While the WordPress software is initially free some fees are inevitable.

WordPress.com uses an in-browser application to allow you to develop your own blog.  The customization options using the WordPress product are still quite impressive despite being a free.  The main benefit of using WordPress.com is that WordPress allows you to use the suffix .wordpress.com so you can host online for free (within limits).  You cannot add Google Analytics to any blog hosted by this service.

Each service has positives and negatives.  Wordpress.org is best for companies and large organizations who want an independent host and a “simple” (shorter suffix) domain name.  WordPress.com is a good choice for users not interesting in paying each month for hosting and who are willing to use the .wordpress.com suffix.

You can find links to wordpress.org and wordpress.com on the right sidebar for more information.

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