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Blogging May Not Always be a Good Idea

I recently read an interesting article (written by Carol Tice on Feb 3) about why blogging may not be a good idea.  She raised several interesting points, and I’ll go over several of the key ones.

First of all blogging is a fairly time intensive venture; currently I have roughly six posts over the course of six hours (Not all spent blogging) which has only gained me a single like.  In order to have a successful blog a company will have to hire out a professional writer in order to manage it (which will turn out very costly for small businesses).

Quality control is essential for blogging.  Anything you post on a company blog will have a direct influence on your company’s brand equity.  Make sure what you post has no errors!

A blog is a way to reach and interact with your customers, it is not only about you as a company.  Make sure that interaction is the cornerstone of your blog.

For the full article visit:


Tice, Carol.  “10 Reasons Your Small Business Shouldn’t Start a Blog.”  Entrepreneur.  3 Feb 2012.  Web.  3 Feb 2012.

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