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What is Blogging?


Blogging is typically a personal web based “diary” which allows users to post useful links, stories, or talk about what is on their minds.  Blogs are increasingly being used by companies such as Coca Cola, AMD, and Cisco (All Fortune 500 companies) in order to develop personal ties and connections with their fans and consumers.  All blogs tend to have a way for readers to comment or interact with the people or companies in charge of the blog.


Micro-Blogging differs from regular blogging (which frequently has no size limit, or a very high one) by limiting the amount of characters (frequently 200) that a post can contain.  Twitter is probably the most popular “micro-blogging” service.  These services are much more popular because they are easier to maintain and update.  Another example of a good micro-blogging platform is TypePad Micro (the free version of TypePad)

Evolution of Blogs

Blogging initially began on online forums where users began creating threads to document their lives.  In 1994 Justin Hall created the world’s first blog.  Peter Merholz is created with creating the word “blog” which was shortened from the word “weblog” (which was the noun for the process of web logging).  Blogs can now be divided into countless categories (categorized by what they are blogging about.  For an interesting infographic on the history of blogs go here.

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